John Jackovin, Founder of Bawte came to us with an idea of creating brands with product owners, easily, simply, and provide an additional value through incentives, rewards as well as easier registrations, warranty claims and safety information.

Creatix set forth to create a fun, engaging and socialised product tagging application. We designed and developed everything you see here and worked with John to take the proof of concept and first release of the product to market.

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Mobile App

Bawte for Android

Bawte for iOS

UPC/QR Scanning

By integrating with the Google products platform we were able to enable Bawte to look up pretty much any UPC barcode and associated product with all of its information.

making products social

Users want to be social about the products they own, buy and want to purchase. Users are most often stick to their brands and are able to influence those around them. We made sure to enable users to do this.

A user’s activities and those of all connected Friends are visible through a nicely designed timeline feed.


It’s important for Brands to not only connect with their consumers but also reward them for choosing that brand and product. Bawte enabled brands to participate in ramifying product interactions and also engage with them post purchase.



It was important to provide Brands a Dashboard and interface where they would be able to view data mined from the activities of their products. In addition, the brand interface allowed for manual product management which enabled brands to fix possible incorrect information from earlier releases.

Brands were also able to manage and administer promotions, sweepstakes, badges and post purchase engagements like registrations, product safety information and warranties.