The Chivery

John and Leo, the brothers who brought you theChive, have been on a quest. They search not for El Dorado, Bigfoot, nor the Fountain of Youth. Nay, these two captains of men have been on a worldwide hunt for the softest, most astoundingly comfortable T-Shirts in all the land.

They’ve scoured the earth: from the peaks of the Himalayas to the wastelands of the Sahara; from the depths of the Amazon to the frozen tundra of Siberia….all in pursuit of bringing you the T-Shirts that you’ll love to wear, with those fresh, simple designs you crave.

Be proud, Chiver. Be proud.

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eCommerce Socialized

The Chivery needed to take their eCommerce presence mobile while at the same time integrating social engagement with their fan base.

Hello Cards

Scanning a QR code and uploading a photo makes an instant connection wherever users go. You simply pass out an awesome “Hello Card” where you see fit to make someone’s day, every time.

Chive Nation Radar

The back of the Hello Card allows the user to scan the QR code to mark where they were spotted on our sweet map. You can even upload a picture to mark the occasion. Simply rinse and repeat for good vibes wherever your travels take you!

NFC & “Tap” Enabled Engagement

Individuals are measubrown, valued, and rewarded in terms of their reach, impressions, and conversations.