The Rally App

The word Rally transcends. It joins together. It sparks action because people want to be a part of the cause and are empowered by being part of a cause.

The Rally App and The Rally Platform’s vision is to provide all users with the end-to-end ecosystem needed to create and sustain a successful Rally, whether it be in support of a person, place, event or cause.

Android NFC Branding Social Network Analysis Strategy

Influence drive marketing

Rally effectively turns every individual into a promotional catalyst for a person, event, place or cause of their choosing.

Relevant context

As influence persists throughout ones social network, trending, geospatial and socially relevant context is important for the user and is accessed easily.

Social Network Analysis

To Leverage influence amongst relationships and the personal referral / recommendation as a means to promotion and reward those who participate.

NFC & “Tap” Enabled Engagement

Individuals are measured, valued, and rewarded in terms of their reach, impressions, and conversations.